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Product Database: Now with replacement options for EoL products (V0.4)

Today, I released the next version of the Product Database. There are two primary new features: the product replacement options and the new Product Check. The previous Bulk EoL check was removed and replaced by the Product Check. These product replacement options (or product migrations) are created based on the data provided by the Cisco EoX API or using an Excel upload.

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Merge DataFrames in Pandas

In my last post, I wrote about some basic functions of Pandas and DataFrames. Today, I show you how to read DataFrames from Excel. The Scenario is (again) about configuration generation, but this time I like to focus on the data gathering part.

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Pandas DataFrames 101

I like to write today about a topic that I used quite frequently within the last weeks/months: pandas DataFrames. At some point in your automation story, you need some data for whatever reason. One example are connection data for some devices. Another example might be the collection of configuration information. I think you know that many people use Excel for this purpose and today, I like to show you, how you can work with DataFrames. In my next post, I show you how to read and work with data from an Excel file.

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Extract CLI commands from Session Logs

I'll like to show you today, how to extract the commands and the associated output from multiple CLI session logs using a simple python script. It doesn't matter if you work programmatic or by hand with this data afterwards, a clear structure is always very useful.

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Review of the Network Config Generator

This post is the last one within a series that I’ve created primarily at the beginning of 2016. The topic was on How to build your own Network Config Generator. The last post within the series was some time ago and I like to finish it today with a short review of the process and my experience during the time.

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