Bye Bye Wordpress, Hello Hugo

I wrote nothing for a long time. There were several reasons for this, one is (was), that writing with Wordpress annoyed me at some point in time. The writing experience with the template that I’ve used was just too complicated. Back in the days when I started with this blog, static page generators were a thing. I thought that they are too complicated and I don’t saw any benefits compared to Wordpress (I also wasn’t a fan of Markdown at this time).

For anybody who isn’t familiar with static page generators, you can summarize it to a tool that creates a static HTML page for a website based on Markdown files.

Earlier this year a looked again at static page generators, because I was searching for a comfortable way to create an web based documentation for an internal project (and to automate the deployment using Jenkins). I tried several static page generators and finally used Hugo. I decided to migrate the content of my blog to a static site based on Hugo and get finally back to writing.

If you like to know more about Hugo, visit the website at

What’s changed?

The most obvious change is a total redesign of the page based on the Mainroad Theme. I decide to move away form the Wordpress theme that I used before an choose a (at least from my perspective) more cleaner style for the page. I maintained the full page site layout for the older pages, but I will use multiple columns for any new content (as with this site).

The RSS feed has moved to a new location and is available here

Finally, I decide to remove the discussion/comment function on the site. You can always contact me at if you have questions/feedback to the posts or page in general. Regarding questions and issues about the side projects, please open an issue at the corresponding GitHub project (e.g. the python script examples or the Product Database).

What’s next?

I have some content in my backlog that will be published in the upcoming months. The topics will focus more on Software in general and my side projects in the foreseeable future, in most cases with a use-case from the Network Engineer perspective. I will also start to write about some other topics that I’m interested in to create a personal resource for me. Maybe it’s also interesting and/or helpful for you.

That’s it for today. See you next time.