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This blog is about programming and scripting from the perspective of a Network Engineer. I’d like to show you what’s possible with it and that you don’t need to be a full time developer to be effective. I encourage everybody to have at least some basic knowledge in this area, because it will simply save you a lot of time in the long term. The adoption of SDN technologies showed me quite early that automation and programming/scripting is a valuable skill and even if you don’t work with the “latest and greatest big SDN/NFV platform”.

I also like to share some of my use cases, ideas, side projects and learnings in the area of programming and automation. If appropriate, I will mix it with some general network technology topics.

python logoThe programming language that you will see in 99% of my post is python 3.x and the entire ecosystem around it. From a networking perspective, I focus mainly on Campus and Wireless LAN networks from multiple vendors. From time to time, I also do some Data Center related work, but it’s not my primary topic.

I hope that my content is helpful for you in some way and if you have any feedback or find typos, please drop me an email at henry@nullcodingnetworker.com.

About the author

Henry Ölsner

My name is Henry and I’m a Network Engineer and hobby programmer. Since 2007 I have worked for a large service provider in Germany. During my career I walked through many roles within the network industry: from network implementation to design, from pre-sales to operations.

Today, my primary focus is the design and implementation of Campus LAN and WLAN networks. I hold some certifications, including the Cisco CCNP Routing & Switching, CCDP and some Specialist Certifications.

Besides my daily job, I’m a hobby programmer. I learned some programming languages in the past, starting with C/C++ when I was 13 years old. That was one reason, why I decided to start a career within the IT industry.

I love to learn new technologies and constantly extend my skill-set in any area of IT technology. During the years of my vocational training and later besides my career as a Network Engineer, I constantly learned new topics (not only) in the area of programming. In the past, I worked with some higher level programming languages like Java, web programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and PHP. Today, I focus in most cases on python 3.x and everything that’s required to get a service up and running.

In 2015 I decided to start this blog to share my experiences and projects within the area of programming, scripting, automation and other topics related to network technology.


The contents of this blog represents my personal opinions and experiences. They are not related to my employer. All scripts and that I’ve open sourced are created and tested on a Mac OS X and normally an Ubuntu Linux server. You can use it at your own risk.