Product Database

This was the first web application that I wrote using python and Django. The primary idea behind the Product Database was to create a web service that stores various product information. It’s build to work with information about Network equipment, like Routers and Switches. The database is capable to store some basic (description, list prices etc.) and lifecycle information (End-of-Sale/End-of-Life) about the products. Based on this data, it provides an easy way to perform an End-of-Life (EoL) check on multiple products. It also connects to the Cisco EoX API (that is part of the Cisco Support API's) to synchronize the EoL data directly with Cisco Systems. As an alternative, you can import product information using an Excel spreadsheet. The access to the data is possible using the web interface or using a REST API.

The following picture illustrates the use-case for the Tool.

There are also some additional features, like custom Product Lists that provides a reduced set of Products, e.g. to describe company preferences. Since Version 0.4 it also stores the product replacement options from the Cisco EoX API and performs a recursive lookup to get a valid replacement product when performing a Product Check.

The entire source code is available at the Product-Database Github repository. You find some posts about this project here.